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Tracy Sheridan

Oh, I see the space: both physical and otherwise! There certainly is such a thing as Web 2.0, however one wishes to cite, or define it. (Marc does reference O'Reilly's definition, yet wishes it was more 'crisp').

The sentiment I agree with, however, is the latter: you do need a product that is compelling to the market in order to succeed.

Nate Westheimer

No such thing as a "space"? Well, sure, unless it's a physical space. Enter the "cafeBricolage" project, or whatever you want to call it, and now you see the "space". When there's a space for a market, that means its a ecosystem from which the market grows and interacts.

In that case, there is a "web 2.0" space, and that's the ecosystem of products which relate to each other, all of which are "web 2.0" classified companies (take O'Reilly's definition, for example).

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